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Unlike other companies, several small- and medium-sized businesses cannot afford the optimal in-house technical strategies and solutions required to strongly start or execute a disaster recovery plan in the case of a disaster. If this seems like your business, you are currently running at a high risk of being put out of business due to a major data loss incident. Loss of data can involve emails, accounting data, employee data, patient or client files, company records, and so on.

We have experienced and, we know that disaster recovery is a major concern for the entire industry, not just data processing. To develop an action plan, all departments should be included, wherein everyone’s critical needs are recognized and addressed. Critical needs include data and equipment required to continue operations should a department be destroyed or become inaccessible.

Our specialist helps you devise a bulletproof Backup & Recovery Plan so that you can have total peace of mind that your critical systems & processes are safe & recover from any potential data or system loss situation.

A recent study identified that of companies experiencing a “major” business data loss, some never reopened, some remain closed within two years of the loss and a few survived over the long-term. For small and medium businesses, these statistics indicate the necessity for crafting Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity strategies grounded in robust data backup and recovery solutions.

checklist for database backup and recovery procedures

Develop a comprehensive backup plan.
Perform effective backup management.
Perform periodic databases restore testing.
Use 3-2-1 backup strategy. 3 forms of backup : 2 Onsite and 1 Offsite.
Have a backup and recovery SLAs drafted and communicated to all stakeholders.
Have the disaster recovery plan (DRP) database portion drafted and documented.
Keep your knowledge and know-how on database and OS backup and recovery tools up to date.

recommended services


This service takes the time and frustration out of backing up and restoring your electronic data, by reliably and automatically creating copies within our US -based data centers.

disaster recovery-as-a-service

This service offers real-time replication of your on-premise virtual servers to PMTT’s secure Private Cloud. This means that if you have a disaster on site, you have the ability to ‘power on’ your data from the cloud in just a few minutes.

veeam cloud connect

Veeam Cloud Connect is a handy service that makes it easy to send off-site data to the cloud, from where it can be easily restored. This option is ideal for businesses that already utilize Veeam services
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