end point security

Endpoint security secures your corporate devices from malware, malicious applications, and investigates security incidents and alerts. They vary from commercial anti-virus software as they allow admins to manage all devices and perform investigation and remediation against threats. This allows admins to easily respond to security incidents and alerts.

Companies need to secure physical and virtual endpoint devices and the data on them, while still satisfying end-user requirements to embrace computing trends, sharing data in public cloud services, and workforce mobility.

Traditional data security point solutions attempt to address these requirements, but managing many clients and consoles is difficult for resource-constrained IT teams, especially those without security specialists in house.

Maximum endpoint security solutions are difficult to deploy and maintain, lack coverage for all the places employees put, and use data and reduce end-user productivity.


prevent intrusion

PMTT helps to identify quick vulnerabilities in existing systems and continuously scan the systems and proactively hunt threats. Prioritize remediation based on potential business impacts. Also, obtain a complete picture of assets and threats along with on-demand remediation guidance.

detect & monitor cyber threats

PMTT monitors the network traffic, around the clock eyes-on-glass. Manages unlimited ingestion of logs and lightweight agent, continuous Cloud monitoring, and Dedicated Concierge Security Teams Provide 24×7 Incident Support to users.

contain & respond to incidents

PMTT provides a Dynamic Custom rule engine for real-time issue escalation. Containment capabilities to quarantine incidents before they impact your networks and Seamlessly extend your SecOps team with named Concierge Security Team + Hybrid AI
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