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In the legal industry, time is money. And there’s nothing more frustrating than sitting down to a full day of billable work when your technology starts to fail you. If you don’t have an in-house IT team, this often results in spending hours trying to fix the problem yourself before you finally call in an expert who might be able to fit you in at some point, after they figure out how your system is structured. Not only do you need technology that helps you operate efficiently, but you also need to make sure that your systems are secure. Legal organizations are working with sensitive, personal data on a routine basis, so it’s imperative that they take the right steps to ensure this data is protected and meets compliance requirements.

Today Law firms are facing an unusual amount of regulatory scrutiny in ensuring client’s data is protected. With the increase in legal firms turning more to technology to assist boost their business growth, it’s imperative to settle on an area security-focused Managed Service Provider firm you’ll trust to securely handle the technical side of your work while you serve clients. Law firms have very specialized needs when it involves managing their corporate IT. Between eDiscovery, document management and retention, billing, time tracking, chain of custody, client confidentiality, privacy and security, Preeminent has a 15-plus year history of helping legal firms navigate IT to assure their systems are stable, strong, and fully compliant with the increasingly stringent regulations placed on the industry. Our consultants are highly versed within the software and hosted applications typically utilized in the legal industry including AbacusLaw, Clio, iManage, Sage TimeSlips, LexisNexis Time Matters, E-Discovery and trial presentation applications, LexisNexis PCLaw, Amicus Attorney, ProLaw, WestLaw Products.

how pmtt can protect your firm

Enhancing Security

Legal professionals understand, better than most, the ramifications of a cybersecurity incident. That's why it is especially important for law offices and other legal organizations to take proactive measures to secure operations and data.

Maintaining Compliance

Law firms know only too well the implications of not meeting compliance measures for data security. As attorneys & their teams are often dealing with large amounts of sensitive client information, they must be compliant when it comes to safely store & backing up their data.

Improving Mobilityz

Legal professionals often need access to documents outside of the office. PMTT will help improve the mobility of your team’s data by putting systems into place that allow your team to securely access data anywhere they have an internet connection.

Maximizing Productivity & Invoiceable Hours

Maintaining productivity means protecting profit. PMTT will help minimize downtime by establishing redundancies, security measures, and disaster plans that protect your organization from issues or threats that impact productivity.

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