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small & medium business

Preeminent Technology was founded in 2007 to fill a void that was really lacking in the IT industry at the time. Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are available in many sizes and industries, but we’ve found their main IT needs are generally the same; quick access to resources, secured data, and reliable systems so their employees are productive. There was a need for a professional, yet friendly IT support company that had the expertise, resources, and processes in place to handle the needs of SMBs in Texas. Since then, we’ve grown our business to be ready to service companies across US. Our Managed Services, Private Cloud Hosting, IT Project Solutions, Telecom and Voice over IP (VoIP) services are supported by our honest and friendly caring teams that are experts in IT. And our standardized offerings provide a steady foundation for your business. Our Managed Service packages can accommodate any business ranging in size from 10 employees to 500 and can even assist those who employ an internal IT staff.

our all-inclusive solution

An easy to know Executive Summary including your risk score, problem areas and proposals.

Best practices for setup, configuration, data protection and security supported your business type.

Asset details and configuration reports for all network devices, such as PCs, laptops, servers, routers, firewalls and wireless access points.

An inventory of installed applications and licensing details.

A list of all servers, including configuration concerns and corresponding recommendations to resolve the symptoms you report and potential issues raised by the assessment findings.

A security and speed assessment that reveals any active attacks, security breaches or vulnerabilities of which you'll be unaware.

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