Social Responsibility

As a business, one of Preeminent Technology’s core morals has always been to support those not as fortunate, or those stuck in tough situations – a moral called social responsibility. For PMTT, social responsibility has always been of utmost importance and has taken precedence in the company’s endeavours. Whether it’s helping orphans in India or helping frontline workers fight a deadly virus, Preeminent Technology knows the importance of helping others in a time of need.

In 2018, Preeminent Technology teamed up with a local non-profit organization started by Dallas area students, Give Life A Little Love (GLALL), to help orphans in Hyderabad, India, receive the education they deserve. Preeminent Technology was able to place several laptops in the Sankalp Foundation Home in Hyderabad, India, so the orphans could communicate with their sponsors in the U.S.A. – something that GLALL was working to accomplish. Preeminent Technology has also helped GLALL set up their very first garage sale and has even helped start t-shirt sales. This partnered relationship between the two groups has allowed orphans in India to receive textbooks, backpacks, and uniforms to further their education. Not only that, but because of PMTT’s help, the orphans were able to speak to the sponsors who helped facilitate their education in the United States via Skype.

While Preeminent Technology has always prioritized the idea of helping others, it has never been more important for PMTT than now.

With the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) disease, many frontline workers and healthcare providers were pushed to the limits due to a shortage in adequate items needed, such as surgical and face masks. However, Preeminent Technology was able to deliver masks to frontline workers, healthcare providers, private practices, funeral homes, and many more places in an attempt to help those affected by the outcomes of the pandemic. In an unprecedented time, Preeminent Technology has responded to ensure that essential workers across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex are safe. While Preeminent Technology has been providing essential items, PMTT has also worked with local practices to provide meals to doctors who are working day and night to ensure the safety of DFW residents.

Even after the pandemic ends, Preeminent Technology will constantly do whatever it takes in order to support those less fortunate, and help whoever they can in these unprecedented times. Preeminent Technology heavily thanks all those putting their lives on the line to support the safety and freedom of this nation, and hopes to continue supporting others in its future endeavors.

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